Full automated edge banders

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One of the most important things that is really important in elegance of kitchen is the look that the trimmed part of part of MDF cabinets gives to kitchens decoration. At this moment you need a machine to do so for you. To give you concinnity you are going to need have an full automated edge banders.

Introduction of Full automated edge banders 

Full automated edge banders are necessary for covering the shape and trimmed part of the woods and MDF panels. This machines have some regular types that it has some station to do some works. for example it is being made in 3 stations to full automated (9 stations). for more information you can contact choobiner's information departments.

Buying and selling second handed machines and sending serviceman for repairing machines now in Choobiner


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  1. لبه چسبان های لیزری (Laser Edgebanders)
  2. لبه چسبان های هوا داغ ((Hot Air Edgebanders
  3. لبه چسبان های چسب داغ (EVA/PUR Hot Melt Edgebanders)
  4. لبه چسبان های Contour/BAZ/Vector

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