Hot Press Machines

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For producing MDF, FDM, FDH sheets, fiber plates and some like them we use hot press machines.

Introductions to hot press machines

Hot press machines always have one to three stages with smooth surf. this plates are always made from coverings like veneer and PVC that are really shiny with this kind of coverings. This machines are made customized that you can choose what do you want to be installed on this machine for your usage. The only thing that is the same in this machines is the way that this machines working and gluing the PVC coverings. It is important for hot press machines to have a great sensitivity on pressure that enters to the surface. This machines should have the regular standards for press machines.

Prices of Hot Press Machines

If you want to know the most recent prices of hot press machines please contact choobiner's sales department from contact us part of site.


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