Grooving saw blade

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Grooving saw blades are used for Grooving glass places and 3 millimeter wood sheets grooves in rear part of cabinet boxes. Grooving saw blade are in two different shapes, one blade and multi blade.

 Details of a qualified grooving saw blade

If you willing ti buy a perfect grooving saw blade you must pay attention that your blade indicates these options below:

  • Ability to be installed on double end machines and cutting modules
  • The sensitivity of the blade when making a groove in project
  • Resistance through moisture and out forming
  • Really high quality in main frame and body of the blade
  • Chromium layers in blades teeth

All kinds of grooving saw blade

Grooving saw blade are in being used in two different groups. first is one bladed grooving saw blade, this grooving saw blade makes grooves in specified width:

multi bladed grooving saw blades are using multi blades to make grooves with different width: