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From 1959, located in the industrial zone of Barcelona, Legna is dedicated to the manufacture of portable electrical tools for the woodworking professional.

Introduction of Legna industries

Throughout these years, the acquired skill and the development of our technical resources have allowed us to accede at a quality level that locates us today in the head of the professional brands of the market. Our most recent work in the international implantation in more than 15 countries of 4 continents, allows us to still acquire more experiences due to the diversity of these markets. All that with the purpose of being able to offer a product range maintaining their quality to the upper possible level. 2007 is a year with many new features and many innovations that will serve you in your daily work to improve your performance and the quality of your work. In the name of all of the people of Legna who participate in the elaboration and the logistics of the products, our daily commitment is better serve and carfully listen our clients every day still better.

Prices in Legna company

If you want to know the most recent prices of Legna company please contact Choobiner's sales department from contact us part of site.